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2 Weeks In Shanghai, Part 2

I mentioned this in passing in part one, but VUE Bar at Hyatt On The Bund is a contender in my opinion, for most breathtaking view of Shanghai as you look out at Pudong on your left and Puxi on … Continue reading

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2 Weeks In Shanghai, Part 1

So you may have heard my brother was here for two weeks with his friend Ben. It was a vacation for them, but for me it was two weeks of playing host and tour guide by night, and working at … Continue reading

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Meet The Parents (In Hangzhou)

The very next day after my marathon day trip to Guangzhou, I took a train to Hangzhou to catch up with my parents who are touring China all the way from England. Shanghai wasn’t on their itinerary but as Hangzhou … Continue reading

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I’m at home in London feeling lazy, hanging out with the family, playing Wii Tennis and eating lots of mum’s tasty home cooked food, which is a rare treat for me.   Here’s a clip of my 4 year old … Continue reading

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Wo Ai Xiang Gang

View from my aunt’s apartment in Hong Kong’s very exclusive mid-levels district. So I’m back from my 5 day trip to Hong Kong for a family friend’s wedding. The trip itself was smooth and uneventful, except for the slightly mad … Continue reading

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The Readers Decide

What’s in a name? A rose by any other would smell as sweet. – Romeo and Juliet. So folks, as you know, I became an uncle again last Friday and now dear readers, we need your help with the difficult … Continue reading

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A Special Announcement

I apologise for Caturday fans hoping to see the latest pictures of Tommy, but this week’s Caturday has to make way for an important announcement which is going to change my life forever and it has only just happened. So, … Continue reading

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